I'm Kristina, it's nice to meet you! I'm a passionate, unconventional thinker, and influential leader with a passion for creating bold brands and unique marketing campaigns. 

I can't wait to bring your brand dreams to life!

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Meet Kristina

Kristina is a 26 year old Mother, Wife, Author, Nurse, CEO, she does it all!

Kristina grew up in Central New York where she always dreamed of becoming a successful business owner.

In 2010, Kristina's life took a tragic turn. Her family lost their home in a flash flood which would later cause a cascading mental illness battle with Kristina. 

Determined to beat her mental illnesses, Kristina became engrossed in the medical field. 

She spent most of her days reading various medical books, medical magazines, and research papers. It was during this time that Kristina had decided she wanted to become a Nurse. 

In the summer of 2016, 1 week before she tied the knot with her fiancé, Kristina graduated from Nursing school. Some weeks later, Kristina passed her NCLEX exam and began practicing as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Syracuse, New York.

In late 2016 Kristina got a feel for boss life with Avon.  She joined the movement through a friend, and realized how much she enjoyed the freedom of having her own business.

Kristina has since achieved President's Club Status, received 2 promotions, bonuses, and 3 Regional Pinnacle Awards with AVON. She quickly rose to National Leadership status and now mentors 70+ female representatives with Avon. 


Her ambitions led her to the network known as Pretty Women Hustle in June of 2020.  A network centered around empowering women in business, Kristina took great pride in being an active group member. Kristina’s dedication to the Network led her to be appointed as the Executive Director of the Pretty Women Hustle Network in July of 2020.


She found her love for Marketing and Social Media Management while working for Pretty Women Hustle. While there she had taken on several Marketing clients through Pretty Women Hustle.  Leaving the Nursing field in hopes of creating her own business, Kristina became Director of Marketing for the Network in late 2020, where she spent most of her time managing the Network's social media platforms.


She decided to finally take a leap and launch her own business in November of 2020. Kristina blossomed her entrepreneurial gifts into her new brand of KP Business Marketing and has since dominated the Marketing industry in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kristina has earned the title of, "The Spitfire Italian" and an "Influencer" in the Charlotte area. In February of 2021, Kristina was announced Businessperson of year in Concord, North Carolina receiving recognition from local magazines, and media outlets. 

In the Spring of 2020, Kristina became a Published Author with the Pretty Women Hustle Network Book Collaboration, "Pretty, Paid, and Powerful: 40 Days to Empowering the Woman Within." Kristina later announced she was was working with a publisher on creating an autobiography to release in 2022, where Kristina talks about her battle with Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD along with becoming a Wife, Nurse, Mother, and Business Owner. 

A proud member of Chi Gamma Xi Chi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated she is an advocate for empowering women, shaping young minds, and encouraging individuals to be the very best version of themselves. She continues her role as Executive Director with Pretty Women Hustle where her work is centered around marketing for the company.  Kristina currently resides in Concord, NC with her husband and son where she is continuing to reach for the stars.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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